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Rules For AM Business Advisory League

29/06/2020 POSTED BY Srikanth Reddy

Rules For AM Business Advisory League

Rules For AM Advisory League 

1. Toss time: 12 pm 
2. Match start : 12:30pm 
If the opposition team arrives late by default they will do bowling, the number of overs been bowled by 2:25 pm, late arrival team will play in their innings. 
3. First innings finish: 02:25pm  (Any number of overs bowled by after 2:25 pm second batting team will only play that many overs.)
4. Second innings Start : 02:40pm
5. Second inning Finish: 04:35 pm
Any delays from bowling end in bowling than batting team will get the number of over left after 4:35 advantage with per over ave. Runs plus 5 runs extra. 
6. Ball: Red Kooka Crown 156gm
7. Uniform: Team T-Shirt and white Trouser Must. 
8. Shoes: No Metal Studs 
9. Over: 25 per inning
10. No 30 Yard Circle 
11. Maximum 2 bouncers are allowed. Rest bouncers will be no ball and free hits.
12. Any decision during the match inc. LBW umpires call. 
13. There will be a marker for offside wide. Any Leg side delivery would be considered as wide.
14. If No umpires available batting team will look after the umpiring side. 
15. Fielders call will be final in outfield fielding.
16. 12 players per team can play but only 11 on the field, Bat and Bowl. 
17. Minimum 7 players required to start the match. 
18. Super over can be played on umpires and captains agreement time accordingly. 

Points : 

Win: 6 
Tied : 3 
Forfeit: 6
Washed out : 3
Loss: 1

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